About Robert Heidersbach

Robert Heidersbach is an experienced engineer, forensic consultant, and former professor who has amassed over 45 years within the fields of corrosion and metallurgy. After serving as a professor for over four decades, Robert currently works as a consultant on corrosion and failure analysis issues for major industrial organizations and for various legal clients. Outside of his professional endeavors, Robert enjoys traveling, biking, and kayaking during his free time.

Over the years, Robert Heidersbach has traveled expensively for both his professional pursuits and his personal pleasure. Robert has taught oil and gas related corrosion courses on over five continents, allowing him to experience a wide range of cultures. He has truly relished the opportunity to explore the world on an international scale as it has presented the unique opportunity to learn from a variety of people, life perspectives, and cultures.

For Robert, travel is all about meeting new people and fully immersing yourself in a new culture. He particularly enjoys learning about the area’s history and taking the time to appreciate the architectural influences that are unique to the region as well. Robert aims to make his trips as authentic as possible and interact with the local people. That is why a great deal of his travel is confined to rural areas and small towns.